Why is Communication Important in Marriage?

lack of communication

This article is ironic, isn’t it? You are currently reading a blog article, that contains words, that are communicating to you a message. And the title of this article is “why is communication important in marriage.” I think that’s funny. If you don’t, that’s fine. I’ll laugh to myself alone, no hard feelings. “Get out! … Read more

20 Most Common Marriage Problems and Solutions

marriage problems

  In This Article Selfishness Pride Unforgiveness Negativity Denial Insecurity Defensiveness Unfaithfulness Secrecy Lies Sex Revenge Lack of attention Lack of investment Lack of support Lack of self-improvement Lack of empathy Lack of knowledge Silence Disrespect Even marriages that appear to be perfect, will have marriage problems. You can avoid many of the common problems … Read more

3 Powerful Tips for Effective Communicating in Marriage

marriage problems

  Develop a relationship with Jesus Work on your imperfections Focus on the YOU in UNITY Healthy Communication in Marriage | Marriage Life Healthy communication in marriage is communication aligned with the Will of God. In other words, effectively communicating in marriage is defined by communication God would approve. God created everything in existence, with … Read more

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