Communication in Marriage During Separation | Marriage Life

The Marriage Life During the Long-Distance Relationship | Marriage Life By separation in this article, I don’t mean a marriage life where your Christian marriage is headed for divorce. This article takes that approach. Nor do I mean when spouses decide to, “take a break.” By separation, maybe it’s your career that has led to you two … Read more

How Do You Make Him Talk to You After a Fight? | Marriage Life

How Do You Make Him Talk to You After a Fight? | Marriage Life This article is strictly for wives. And on behalf of many good husbands everywhere, I want to attempt to tell their side. I want to tell their side while helping good wives learn to deal with the SILENCE….tum! tum! Tum! The … Read more

Overcoming Barriers of Communication in Marriage Easy

Communication for marriage

Properly communicating in marriage is the key. How respectful are you when you communicate? How clear? How unselfish? How honest? The lack of these attributes when communicating in your marriage leads to barriers aka problems. Marriage is tough. Even the best start to marriage doesn’t guarantee a perfect ending. We know there’s no such thing … Read more

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What causes lack of communication in marriage

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