Overcoming Barriers of Communication in Marriage Easy

Communication for marriage

Properly communicating in marriage is the key. How respectful are you when you communicate? How clear? How unselfish? How honest? The lack of these attributes when communicating in your marriage leads to barriers aka problems. Marriage is tough. Even the best start to marriage doesn’t guarantee a perfect ending. We know there’s no such thing … Read more

Defensive Listening

defensive listening

Defensive listening in marriage is very problematic. Spouses should make it a priority to learn to calmly, fairly, and respectfully communicate in marriage without defensive listening happening. What happens if defensive listening keeps happening?  What happens is many many problems that could have easily been solved quickly become problems that linger on for months, years, … Read more

Romance in Marriage – Romantic Tips for Couples | Marriage Life

Romance in Marriage – Romantic Tips for Couples | Marriage Life  I gotta be honest here. I don’t recall reading too many good articles about Romance from a Christian perspective. I recall reading many that were biblical. And by that sense, it was good! By good though (for this point), I mean in the sense … Read more