Communication in Marriage- A Christian Marriage Book

Giving couples communication advice on the Christian marriage.

Who Is This Book For?

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Happy Marriages

Great communication in marriage goes hand in hand with happy, fulfilling marriages. Divorces often happen when couples stop trying to improve. 

Not So Happy Marriages

The #1 marriage problem without a doubt, is poor communication.  If all this book did was help you improve your communication skills, would it be worth the investment? End lack of communication in your marriage now.

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Hurting Marriages

Often, hurting marriages continue to suffer because spouses don’t know how to communicate that hurt each other. What comes next, is having no communication. Does that make the pain go away?

New Christian Marriages

It took me over 20 years of researching countless arguments and divorces to learn how couples could avoid expensive Christian marriage counseling sessions.

Let my book help communication in your Christian marriage. Learn to communicate fairly, and respectfully, the Godly way. 

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If all this book did was help you improve the communication in your marriage, ending the lack of communication in your marriage, would this be worth the investment? Poor communication skills can be improved. This book will help with communication in your marriage.

About This Book

A Christian Marriage Guide

A Christ-centered approach to dealing with communication problems in marriage.

Based on over 20 years of research which includes, surveys, polls, interviews, and questionnaires.  


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What causes lack of communication in marriage

About The Author

Felice Mathieu Christian Marriage Counselor | Speaker Poet |

Growing up I wanted nothing to do with God.  


I remember watching my mother die slowly when I was 11. I knew that only God could save her from HIV and so I prayed. And prayed. Yet, despite my prayers, my mother died, and immediately after I turned away from God. 


It took only 12 more months for murder and sicknesses to destroy all the family members that I had left. I was now an orphan.


I looked around at society with an intense desire to understand relationships.  


Why were people soulmates on their wedding day, only to be divorced a short time after? 

How do some couples stay together for 40 or 50 years while the average marriage lasts 7 years? 

How do we make relationships stronger at every level of society, starting with the most sacred and selfless act of marriage?


I was in a unique position to ask and answer these powerful questions.  So, I did.  I became obsessed with relationships and used my experience and expertise to dive deep into the most important aspect of any relationship:  Communication, from the Latin word meaning “to share”.


Shortly after I met my wife, her father led me to Christ. After coming back to God, it started to make sense.  God already had a perfect design for relationships, and we were ignoring it.


Through my new relationship with God, I started to understand how the depths of Scripture provided answers to questions I have been asking about marriage and relationships for a long time. 


Today, I’m on a mission to help spouses achieve unity in their marriage so that they can build community inside and out.  And I’m not stopping until we start raising ourselves and our children with the unbreakable bond between two loving people.


Because it takes unity to raise a community.

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