Communicating in a Relationship- Marriage Life Tips

Couples therapy can also be done online, easily. Improve your marriage communication with resources like this book. Check out the wealth of information from my blog free.

Who Is This Book For?

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Happy Marriages

Creating a happy marriage takes skill, so does maintaining one. Let the wisdom of bible verses about marriage lead you, teach you, and sustain your marriage communication skills. 

Not So Happy Marriages

The #1 problem in marriage is poor communication skills. Tired of the yelling, the distance or worse, the silent treatment? Improve the communication in your marriage now. Great marriage communication skills and happy marriages go hand in hand.

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Hurting Marriages

The best marriage books for hurting marriages, are marriage books that point you towards the teachings of Jesus. End the suffering in your marriage quickly, by learning how the Bible says marriage communication should be.

New Christian Marriages

It took me over 20 years of researching countless arguments and divorces to learn how couples could avoid expensive couples therapy sessions.

Let this book teach you how to biblically improve your marriage communication simply, and practically. 

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If all this book did was help you improve the communication in your marriage, would this marriage book be worth the investment? Stop struggling to communicate effectively, and improve your marriage communication now. God bless.

About This Book

A Christian Marriage Guide

A Christ-centered approach to dealing with communication problems in marriage.

Based on over 20 years of research which includes, surveys, polls, interviews, and questionnaires.  


What causes lack of communication in marriage

About The Author

Felice Mathieu Christian Marriage Coach | Speaker Poet | Author | Blogger

My mother died of HIV when I was 12. I never knew my real father, let alone saw a picture of him. My stepfather, I knew, and he was with me at the hospital at the time my mother was dying.

That same week, my stepfather leaves me with some family friends and goes to Haiti. Around two months later, I am told that his ex-wife murdered him. 

That leaves my last living blood relative, my granduncle. He dies a few months later of Diabetes. Within a year I lose all of my blood relatives. I bring all that up to say this, those circumstances made me REALLY obsessively study relationships.

God chose my calling, and for over 20 years I have been obsessed with relationships, and more specifically marital relationships. 

For now, I am a Christian Marriage Coach. In 7 months I would have completed my Christian Marriage Counseling degree. At that time, I will then accept the title of a Christian Marriage Counselor, online. Google Felice Mathieu and see the ways I have been seeking to serve and help.

God Bless


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