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Communicating in a Relationship- Marriage Life Tips

Effectively communicating in a relationship takes time. It's a process. Be patient, and learn from resources like us.

Who Is This Book For?

happy marriage life

Happy Marriages

Effectively communicating in a relationship is extremely important to having a happy marriage. Keep your communication ‘tool’ sharpened. 

Not So Happy Marriages

In a not so happy and healthy marriage, communicating becomes toxic. If all this book did for your relationship was help you argue less, would this book be worth the investment?

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marriage problems

Hurting Marriages

How to start communicating in a relationship is something you need to know after you’re hurt, and you shut down. At some point, your pain needs to lead to progress, not regrets. 

New Christian Marriages

What’s the best way out of a live minefield? One wrong step can lead to BOOM! Divorce.

The best way is following someone who has a map.

It took me over 20 years of countless arguments, pain, money and misunderstandings to understand God’s teaching’s regarding bible verses about love.

With this book, you don’t have to take that long. Learn how to quickly and easily communicate better today.

how to improve communication in a marriage

As you can see, this Christian marriage book will greatly help improve your marriage life.Learning to communicate in a relationship, especially a marital relationshp, God's way, is the answer.

About This Book

A Christian Marriage Guide

A Christ-centered approach to dealing with communication problems in marriage.

Based on over 20 years of research which includes, surveys, polls, interviews, and questionnaires.  


What causes lack of communication in marriage

About The Author

Felice Mathieu Christian Marriage Coach | Speaker Poet | Author | Blogger

My mother died of HIV when I was 12. I never knew my real father, let alone saw a picture of him. My stepfather I knew, and he was with me at the hospital at the time my mother was dying.

That same week, my stepfather leaves me with some family friends, and goes to Haiti. Around two months later, I am told that his ex-wife murdered him. 

That leaves my last living blood relative, my granduncle. He dies a few months later of Diabetes. Within a year I lose all of my blood relatives. I bring all that up to say this, those circumstances made me REALLY obsessively study relationships. Basically, what I needed to know is what made relationships fail or succeed. Every relationship I would then form would be in an extension of a family that I would never have. 

I was the kid in middle school, high school, and college that conducted surveys and questionnaires on notebooks. Asking everyone and anybody to take it, to collect data I could analyze. I would interview married couples. I would take polls. I read books related to relationships, but more specifically intimate relationships. Why that focus? Well, I needed to repopulate the ‘Mathieu generation’. I had a really strong desire to gain enough knowledge, that would help me form lifelong relationships, hoping to fill that void the effects of having no family had on me.

My research revealed that the #1 problem all relationships faced was poor communication in marriage skills. 

I took that knowledge into Spoken Word Poetry on and off for 10 years.

Now as a Marriage Coach I help spouses and spouses-to-be with communication within marriage. 

Communication in marriage is the #1 problem in marriage, but it doesn’t have to be YOUR problem. Let me see if I can help.

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