Communication in Marriage- A Christian Marriage Book

Giving couples communication advice on the Christian marriage.

Who Is This Book For?

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Happy Marriages

Great communication in marriage goes hand in hand with happy, fulfilling marriages. Divorces often happen when couples stop trying to improve. 

Not So Happy Marriages

The #1 marriage problem without a doubt, is poor communication.  If all this book did was help you improve your communication skills, would it be worth the investment? End lack of communication in your marriage now.

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Hurting Marriages

Often, hurting marriages continue to suffer because spouses don’t know how to communicate that hurt each other. What comes next, is having no communication. Does that make the pain go away?

New Christian Marriages

It took me over 20 years of researching countless arguments and divorces to learn how couples could avoid expensive Christian marriage counseling sessions.

Let my book help communication in your Christian marriage. Learn to communicate fairly, and respectfully, the Godly way. 

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If all this book did was help you improve the communication in your marriage, ending the lack of communication in your marriage, would this be worth the investment? Poor communication skills can be improved. This book will help with communication in your marriage.

About This Book

A Christian Marriage Guide

A Christ-centered approach to dealing with communication problems in marriage.

Based on over 20 years of research which includes, surveys, polls, interviews, and questionnaires.  


What causes lack of communication in marriage

About The Author

Felice Mathieu Christian Marriage Counselor | Speaker Poet |

My mother died of HIV when I was 12. I never knew my real father, let alone saw a picture of him. My stepfather, I knew, and he was with me at the hospital at the time my mother was dying.

That same week, my stepfather leaves me with some family friends and goes to Haiti. Around two months later, I am told that his ex-wife murdered him. 

That leaves my last living blood relative, my granduncle. He dies a few months later of Diabetes. Within a year I lose all of my blood relatives. I bring all that up to say this, those circumstances made me REALLY obsessively study relationships.

God chose my calling, and for over 20 years I have been obsessed with relationships, and more specifically marital relationships. 

From a teenager with a personal passion to an adult with a professional career, from marriage coach to becoming a professional marriage counselor, my goal is to use God’s gift, under the submission of God’s Holy Spirit, to help solve one of the most difficult marriage problems Satan uses to destroy marriages. 

Communication in marriage is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. 

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What causes lack of communication in marriage

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