Communication in Marriage Series | Pt.1- Intro

What’s up family? Felice Mathieu here also known as Married_ as_ one. Where I help spouses and spouses-to-be achieve more unity in their marriage by learning how to fairly, respectfully, and unselfishly come UNION cate. See what I did there? Ok, it’s a little lame, but that’s my vision for spouses.

Today, I start my communication in marriage series. There are two reasons I wanted to do this series. 1.) Not many people enjoy reading. Some prefer to watch a video to quickly find solutions to their communication problems. This video series is another way for me to help spouses solve their communication within marriage problems 2.) I keep getting some of the same questions from my clients, my followers, or my email subscribers. Which is confusing to me, because one of the main reasons I wrote my book was that so you all can have a physical resource that you can hold in your hand and study. The same answers you would get from me, are in my book. Now, I don’t mind the repetitive questions because I understand that thoroughly improving communication in your marriage happens gradually. But, I want to show everyone how many problems you face that leads you to ask me the questions you ask CAN be solved if you just truly understood what my book taught. Understand my book then seek to honestly and consistently apply the lessons.

I want you to understand the format of the following videos. I am going to go chapter by chapter and I am going to pick just one thing to focus on and talk about. Just one idea or lesson I want to leave you with. Then, the next time around, when I go through the entire book and come back through the chapter again, I’ll choose to focus on something else. I call that teaching in layers. Why am I doing it that way? For one, I don’t want to overwhelm you with information, I want you to clearly understand one thing and to be able to walk away from the video knowing exactly how to apply that one thing after you finish watching the video.

Here’s the second reason I’ll be teaching 1 concept at a time each chapter, going through the whole book, then coming back around, and teaching another thing which I call teaching in layers is this.

Each chapter has layers of lessons that I need you to understand. Understanding these layers will help you learn how to fish instead of me teaching you to fish. In other words instead of just giving you the solutions to problems you have, I am teaching you to thoroughly work through the problems you have yourself.

That would be impossible to do if I just taught you all the things you could learn from the chapter. That would be like a math teacher giving a kid in kindergarten calculus. Instead of working the kid up to do that type of math. First, you teach the kindergartener addition, then subtraction, and so on. In second grade you learn another ‘layer’ to math, and so on and so on.

It’s my job as the coach, teacher, or if you prefer the word mentor, to help you see the layers. But, It’s your job to apply the lessons the layer teaches.

To recap briefly. The following video series entitled communication in marriage will be showing you how to use my book to solve communication problems in your marriage, and marriages-to-be. I’ll be going chapter by chapter, giving you one crucial thing to focus on.

For those of you who may think I am just trying to get you to buy my book, listen up. You buying my book isn’t going to make me rich, but it will give you solutions to your communication problems. If all my book did was help you argue less, and talk more in your relationship, would it be worth that investment?

Please keep in mind my book isn’t for everybody. If you’re a prideful stubborn person that thinks everyone else should work on themselves while you do not, my book isn’t for you.

For those of you that do want to learn to communicate fairly, respectfully, and unselfishly clink the link in my profile and join the communication community. By joining you’ll get 3 free communication tips you can use right now that will immediately help you communicate better starting today.

See you soon,

God bless.


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