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Marriage Sharing's mission is to build a community of experts and resources that 'share' their expertise on 'marriage'. These resources are focused on enriching the sanctity of marriage through the divine teachings of Jesus. With God's Grace we will prayerfully aim to empower couples with education, equip them with essential tools, and provide an unwavering encouragement to nurture an unwavering and long-lasting union.

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17 Tips For Communicating with your Spouse

"Effective communication is the cornerstone of a healthy marriage. These 17 tips will help you navigate conversations with your spouse. From active listening and empathy to managing conflicts and understanding non-verbal cues, these strategies will strengthen your bond and ensure your relationship thrives on open, honest, and respectful communication."

What are tips on dating a black man?

1. Embrace cultural differences: Like with any interracial relationship, it's important to acknowledge and appreciate the cultural differences that may exist between you and your partner. Take the time to learn about their background, traditions, and experiences. This will not only deepen your connection but also show your partner that…

10 Ways on How to Drastically Reduce Defensive Listening in Marriage

In the journey to reduce defensive listening in marriage, ten effective strategies emerge. Cultivating active listening, practicing empathy, and fostering open dialogue are key. Embracing shared humanity, navigating therapy together, and managing emotions help build trust. Prioritizing important conversations and sustaining healthy communication patterns are crucial steps, fostering a harmonious…

Christian Mingle Cost in 2023: How much is it really?

In 2023, Christian Mingle's cost remains a crucial consideration for those seeking love within their faith. Discover the real pricing details, from premium memberships to free trials, and make an informed decision about your journey to meaningful connections. Uncover the truth about Christian Mingle's pricing for the year ahead.

20 Common Marriage Problems and Solutions PDF

The "20 Common Marriage Problems and Solutions PDF" offers valuable insights into the challenges that couples often face in their relationships. This comprehensive guide provides practical solutions rooted in communication, empathy, and compromise. It equips couples with the tools they need to strengthen their marriages and navigate common issues effectively.

What does the bible say about touching breasts before marriage?

The Bible doesn't say anything directly about touching breasts before getting married. But it does stress sexual innocence and staying away from sexual immorality. Different Christian groups and people can have different ideas and teachings about this subject. It's best to get advice from someone you trust and respect concerning…


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