This Marriage Sharing site exists as an extension of the nonprofit, Marriage Sharing Corporation. 

Found here: https://marriagesharing.org/

Why does this site and my nonprofit matter?

To put it simply, marriage problems need marriage solutions.

What if there was a resource hub for Christian spouses?

What if in that resource hub, you found helpful blog articles, marriage courses, discounts for biblically based programs and services. And a network of countless Christian professionals that were all faithfully serving marriages with their spiritual gifts, expertise and selfless servitude?

The vision of Marriage Sharing is to become an online resource hub for Christian Spouses. The focus as of now, is to create blogs. The founder, Felice Mathieu specializes in helps spouses ‘Argue Less’ and talk more. Felice’s communication in marriage advice is biblically based and practically easy to start applying immediately.


Our Blogs