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Marriage Sharing's mission is to build a community of experts and resources that 'share' their expertise on 'marriage'. These resources are focused on enriching the sanctity of marriage through the divine teachings of Jesus. With God's Grace we will prayerfully aim to empower couples with education, equip them with essential tools, and provide an unwavering encouragement to nurture an unwavering and long-lasting union.

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What Causes Trust Issues in Marriage? | Top ‍25 Causes

"Trust issues in marriage can stem from various factors, including a lack of trust, unresolved past conflicts, and differing attachment styles. Emotional affairs, betrayal, and communication problems further complicate matters. Understanding these root causes is crucial to rebuilding trust and fostering a healthy, lasting relationship based on mutual respect and…

What Makes a Christian Marriage Toxic: Top 10 Toxic Habits

A toxic Christian marriage can be characterized by destructive behaviors that undermine the sacred bond. In this insightful excerpt, we delve into the top 10 toxic habits plaguing such unions. Discover how these detrimental patterns can erode the foundation of love, faith, and trust within a Christian marriage.

Bible Verses About Adultery or Cheating: A Thorough Exegesis

Explore the profound insights within the Bible concerning adultery and cheating. This comprehensive exegesis delves into key verses, shedding light on the consequences, definitions, and divine guidance provided by Scripture regarding these actions. Delve into the wisdom of the Bible to gain a deeper understanding of this crucial topic.

5 Biblical Meanings of Black Clothes in a Dream

Discover the profound symbolism of black clothes in dreams. From mourning and grief to sin and darkness, each interpretation offers a unique perspective rooted in biblical wisdom. Explore how these meanings can provide valuable insights into your spiritual journey and inner struggles through the lens of your dreams.

Interfaith marriage: Unequally yoked

Exploring the dynamics of interfaith marriages in 'Unequally Yoked.' Delve into the complexities, challenges, and enriching aspects of partnerships where beliefs diverge. Gain insights into fostering understanding, harmony, and respect while navigating the intricate tapestry of love that spans across different faiths.

Christians Restoring Communication after Trust is Broken

Restoring trust through faith-driven communication: Unearth the Christian path to healing after betrayal. Explore heartfelt strategies, forgiveness rooted in scripture, and rebuilding connections. Navigate the journey from brokenness to renewal, as you embrace grace and mend relationships, guided by the principles of your faith.


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