Q&A-Why Is Communication Important in Marriage?

Short read: your questions…answered. 

I get asked this question often.

And when I think about that question what comes to mind is, “why is communication important at all?”

Why do we have the ability to communicate?

What do we gain from communication?

What would happen if we couldn’t communicate with each other at all?

Why communication is important in marriage is definitely an important question but after you read the other questions you realize that the significance of the question doesn’t stop there.

The rabbit role goes deeppp.” 

In other words, although the answers to these questions are simple, the simplicity of the answers can get pretty complicated.

Lack of communication in marriage is a common marriage problem. In fact, it is one of the top marriage problems.

Enough of the intro. Forgive me, but I wanted to do more than just give you the answer to the question.

I wanted to inspire you to think.  Let’s get to the answer.

Why is Communication Important in Marriage

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Communication is the means in which we send and receive messages.

I can talk about all the ways communication is important in marriage, but I’ll just focus on one point.

Communication is important in marriage because communicating allows us to send and receive messages to each other.

Keep in mind, that when I say ‘communicate’ I mean verbally or nonverbally.

Whether you use words, body language, sign language, or smoke signals(that’s funny to me) you are attempting either consciously or subconsciously to send a message.

When a new couple starts to experience intense emotions of love, communication allows you the means by which you can send that message to each other.

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And, to balance that statement, when a new couple experiences feelings of frustration, it is still communication that allows one to send a message(or messages) that conveys that frustration.

Every marriage will have its marriage issues.

Having marriage issues doesn’t mean that your marriage is doomed.

It simply means that two inherently sinful spouses need to work to sanctify themselves in their marriage for each other.

Every marriage regardless of the chemistry or compatibility, feelings or fate, will have to develop the skills necessary to work through marriage issues and find marriage solutions.

How do you develop those skills?

By learning to communicate.

By learning to send messages to each other that inform your spouse when you feel hurt or loved, admired or disrespected, important or taken for granted.

Communication in marriage is important because that is the vehicle that God has given us to be able to sanctify each other, enjoy each other, and worship Him through our Godly union.

Lack of communication leads to important messages not being received.

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Let’s think about that point.

Receiving mail in your mailbox is a form of communication is it not?

What happens if a bill sent through the mail doesn’t get to you?


What happens when you are on a call on your cellphone and your primary care doctor says, “I just got back your blood test results and you have a severe case of…”

…then the call drops. (that’s a funny example. Take the time to appreciate my humor…tough crowd.)

Not receiving messages may have comical consequences, but they also have serious consequences.

Spouses that don’t learn how to prevent one of the most common marriage problems regarding the lack of communication in marriage end up in divorce.

Why do you think communication in marriage is important???

Let’s start a list together in the comments and motivate future generations to focus on building effective communication skills more than building sexual attraction.

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God bless

why is communication in marriage important?

Communication in marriage is the means in which spouses send very important messages to each other.

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