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Cheating Memes Top 15 Lessons

cheating while married

cheating while married

Cheating memes are an excellent way of finding the words that your pain, anger, depression, or frustration just block you from expressing. Let these cheating memes help you say what your lips can’t seem to get out sometimes.

Each meme lesson can be applied to some aspect of cheating regardless of the category it is in. Whether it is cheating while married or emotional affairs, it can all cause two people to lose respect for one another.

Cheating Husband Memes

Cheating Meme lesson 1“He is who he is. It has nothing to do with you.” He’s cheating on you and it isn’t your fault. With this type of guy, cheating is who he is and who he wants to be. You loved how charismatic he was right? You love how sexy, mysterious, and confident he is right?

News flash, those characteristics are often attached to guys(not all guys) who believe that “all they have to offer” shouldn’t belong to one woman. But, you knew this, didn’t you? You knew it… and didn’t care because of how he made you feel.

You know what? Maybe you thought he would change for you. After all, didn’t he make you feel like you were different? Didn’t he make you feel that you were special? That if he was going to stop his fooling around for anyone, that you would be the one he stopped it for.

Oh, I know. He was a cheater when you two were dating, but somehow you thought your marriage life would be different. Here’s a question. If he was betraying you consistently while you were dating, what made you think that you would have a happy married life? What makes you think you would have a married life without adultery when he already showed you who he was while you were dating?

You believed the fantasy his words painted, instead of believing the actions that proved his character.

Now you’re sad and reading cheater quotes instead of love quotes for him in your faithful marriage life.

Takeaway- “When someone shows you who they are, believe them, don’t try to change them.”

cheating while married

Cheating meme lesson 2- “Stop turning your brain off.” I get it. Generally speaking, a woman is a slave to her emotions. You get caught up in the moment, the vibe, the energy, the flow of the experience.

Well, unfortunately, that’s when many women act dumb.  (I love you and I was raised by women that I love tremendously)

It’s true.

I believe in the superpower women have, the superpower called intuition.

But, your intuition’s flaw tends to be your emotions. Men who are really good at producing emotions in women know this.

They know to bypass your intuition and make the brain take a vacation they must get you deeply caught up in the emotional experience of the moment, and when they do, they can lead you wherever they want.

That is a great time to “lead” you AWAY from anything you may pick up as cheating husband signs.

Takeaway- feel what you feel, however, when your brain aka 6th sense aka intuition tells you something isn’t right, LISTEN.


cheating while married

Cheating meme lesson 3-  “Tears should never be shed over consistent hurtful habits.” Cheating quotes images say 1000 words.

People are defined by who they consistently are. If he has consistently shown you that he doesn’t care about hurting you.

If he has consistently shown you that he doesn’t care about being better and getting better for you, why are you with him? Of course, you will feel pain times when you get deeply hurt, not shedding tears wasn’t the point.

Takeaway- ” There comes a point where the next tear isn’t worth it. Stopping the next tear from happening is. That may mean leaving him.”


cheating while married

Cheating meme lesson 4- “How your relationship is with someone who doesn’t care.” Add this lesson to the previous lesson. Find it hard to leave? Then your emotions feel like the guy in this picture.

Takeaway-  Emotional rollercoasters shouldn’t be the norm. 

Cheating Wife Memes

cheating while married

Cheating meme lesson 5- “You must think I’m ‘booboo’ the fool.” Maybe this saying is for the black culture. 🙂

Just in case you haven’t heard it before, this saying is usually said when someone tells you something that they KNOW is a lie, and they expect you to believe. If you stay with a cheater after they have cheated consistently, they start to get comfortable with lies after a while.

What do you do?

Takeaway- “Call them out! People keep getting away with what you let them.”


cheating while married

Cheating meme lesson 6– “How you look at him when you know he’s lying.” Sometimes knowing he is lying doesn’t even require words. Give him a look like this every time you think he is lying and you start to subconsciously answer him. Which is POWERFUL.

Takeaway- “Looks can be deadly.”


cheating while married

Cheating meme lesson 7- Wives, this meme is directed at you. Actually, let me rephrase that. Cheating wives, this meme is directed at you.

There are many many wives that are absolutely and positively, sinfully fantastic at making their husbands feel like the only man in the world. When, in actuality, women cheat. They have many #1’s for various wants and needs.

They may have a man for sexual satisfaction, a man for finances, a man that is just a friend that listens to their problems, and a man that they just enjoy partying with.

Personally, I believe that married women cheat way better than men. But… I’ll leave that for another day.

Takeaway- “Really listen to his speech for ‘cheating verbiage.” 


cheating while married

Cheating Girlfriend Quotes

Cheating meme lesson 8- “You keep cheating on me.” “You keep taking me back.” Marriage life from a Christian perspective was never meant to be perfect.

However, it definitely wasn’t meant to have your spouse consistently cheat on you.

Some might read that and think, “It wasn’t meant for you to be cheated on period.”

I agree, but, humans aren’t perfect, no marriage will last without the same Grace we receive from God applied to our spouse.

The difference between a spouse who is imperfect and a spouse who is just naturally a cheater is based on who you are or are not consistently.

Takeaway- “We are defined by what we do consistently.”

cheating while married

Cheating meme lesson 9- “I have sex with them. I make love to you.” Getting tired of these cheating quotes yet? If you are, um, keep reading anyway.

This meme NEVER gets old to me.

You probably saw it all over your Facebook or Instagram in 2019. I just HAD to use it. This quote is for you if you were dating someone that cheated, and this was their response.

This quote is also for you if you are a married couple, and this was your cheating spouse’s response when you caught them.

Takeaway- ” If someone doesn’t AT LEAST show remorse for their wrongdoings, are they really worth being with? If they show no remorse dating, they will show no remorse in your marriage life. Forget about having a happy marriage with someone heartless.”


cheating while married

Cheating meme lesson 10- “If you have to keep looking at his phone like this, maybe you shouldn’t trust him.” Everyone has some type of past where they have been cheated on and never saw it coming. Usually, when that happens you become paranoid and suspect everything your partner or spouse does.

That’s going overboard. HOWEVER,  if you constantly feel the urge to be suspicious when you KNOW they have a behavior of committing adultery, then instead of doing that, why not leave?

Takeaway – “Your peace of mind is priceless.”


Toxic Relationship Quotes

cheating while married

Cheating meme lesson 11- “Some men will never change.” Pride and stubbornness ended more relationships than death does. Some men will never change.

Takeaway- “Choose who you love wisely.”


cheating while married

Cheating meme lesson 12- “He walked over you well before you ran over your heart.” There were cheating husband signs WELL before you caught him in the act. You knowing for sure is what broke your heart. You seeing the signs and ignoring him is what led to him walking all over you.

Takeaway- Hope for the best, but don’t ignore the signs.


cheating while married

Cheating meme lesson 13- “You knew he played games isn’t that what attracted you.” I have never been a fan of games. Honestly, I preferred the direct approach.

Some women are extremely attracted to how well a man can “play the game.” Women like to think to themselves, “he gets it!” With those games, however, comes manipulation, lies, and looking for affection from someone else many times. Really want that?

Takeaway- Games should be played on the PS4, not with someone’s heart. 


cheating while married

Cheating meme lesson 14- The worst feeling in the world is everyone around you knowing that you’re being cheated on, and you don’t know. That SUCKS. Pay attention to how their friends treat you, and how their friends look at you.

Takeaway- The character of the friends often reveals the character of your significant other.


cheating while married

Cheating Meme lesson 15- “Love moves in a forward direction.” Everyone will mess up and do wrong. The goal isn’t to try to find someone perfect. The goal is to find someone imperfect, that wants to take the journey of becoming perfect with you. Going backward would be someone who doesn’t share that desire for progression.

Takeaway- “Find someone who truly desires to take the journey of perfecting themselves for you.”


Let these quotes provide you with lessons. Lessons that you can apply to your life so that you can deal with this betrayal when it happens.

Yes, cheating is painful, and in a perfect world, it wouldn’t happen.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world.

We live in an imperfect world with imperfect people. So instead of simply dwelling on it, and the pain it causes, reflect on the lessons you can learn.

Engaged? Keep in mind that marriage life doesn’t automatically change someone’s character.

Who they were while you were dating is who they will be.

Make your decision wisely. Some people cheat and can change because they truly feel remorseful.

Most people cheat, act remorseful, but have no desire to change. If you want a happy married life, you will learn the difference between the two.

Married? If someone is cheating while married, as Christians you know that doesn’t automatically mean you should get a divorce.

God hates divorce remember? However, if cheating is your spouse’s character, why did they become your spouse in the first place?

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